Buon Pranzo

credit : Luckyscent.com

“Buon Pranzo, “ in Italian- enjoy your lunch. It’s the kind of simple sentiment that can contain a multitude: hospitality, kindness, community, culture and gastronomy. In other words, it’s all the themes Hilde Soliani does better than anyone. When the newly elected Pope Francis broke with formal tradition by ending his first Sunday balcony speech with that familiar colloquialism, Hilde decided to immortalize it in scent.

And Buon Pranzo is a joyous lunch indeed, a mouthwatering combination of buttery richness and fiery spice, transporting us to a communal table loaded with savory treats, an open invitation to break bread with family and strangers alike. Through this simple construction, a world of comforting delicacy awaits- all we need to lose ourselves in the simple pleasure of a shared meal.

Buon Pranzo  Notes

Butter, pepper mix

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