Stelle di Ghiaccio

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When asked by someone special in her life to create a fragrance for him, Hilde Soliani found inspiration in something else unique and special: champagne. Specifically, Jacques Selosse champagne, for decades regarded as one of the finest, most carefully produced sparkling wines in the world and Soliani’s favorite. From these concepts, Stelle di Ghiaccio, “stars of ice” was born– a crisp, sparkling, deeply aromatic scent that dries down with striking freshness. Here, tart blackberry plays the part of the vineyard, while the laurel and rosemary pulse with the energy of lovers’ skin, fresh, cool, and sensual. The champagne is cooled with snowflakes, and love shines through with each sniff. Perhaps Hilde Soliani’s first ever masculine composition, Stelle di Ghiaccio is equally striking on man and woman alike, proving that, as with all love, simplicity reigns.

Stelle di Ghiaccio  Notes

Blackberry, bay leaf, rosemary

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