Sweet Parmesan Violet

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Life in Hilde Soliani’s hometown of Parma, Italy, is possibly as close to paradise on Earth as one can get. The gorgeous, historic streets thrum with vibrant but never crowded pedestrian energy (and the occasional hometown-founded Lamborghini), the culture is relaxed yet saturated with the contributions of some of the world’s most renowned artists, composers and designers, and the wine, cheese, and prosciutto are the best in all of the country. To honor this remarkable city, Hilde Soliani created Sweet Parmesan Violet, a delectable confection inspired by her native city’s predilection for eating the petals of the native-grown Violetta di Parma with a dusting of sugar as a sweet treat. One whiff, and we are whisked away to the Piazza Garibaldi, marveling at the historic walls of the Palazzo del Governatore and savoring the sugary pop of smooth, powdery violet, feeling the relaxation wash over us. Obviously, the best way to feel the satisfaction of Parmesan life is to buy a one-way ticket and never look back. But Sweet Parmesan Violet is more than enough to hold us over for now.

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Violet, sugar

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