The invisible is more powerful than the visible The Smell _ is Realized in Beauty

Dr. Gianfranco Marchesi, Neurologist , expert in Neuroscience, I take the liberty of giving you some thanks to the twenty-year friendship relationship but above all to mutual respect. In this period of forced enclosure, I decided to involve you in my desire to disclose some suggestions resulting from my profession as a Art_Perfumer endorsed by your medical scientific knowledge.

HS Describe to me in a sentence what the Human Brain is.
GM It is the most complex and important organ that we have. It guards our identity and our relationship. Process consciousness and produce thoughts and emotions.

HS How does our brain react during this quarantine period?
GM We have a social structure based on frenzy and dynamism especially outside the home, on the inability to stay still, to have an empty time, to live the house with its relationships.                                                                                                                                      All this is turned upside down: we find ourselves in a sudden state of blockade of the movement which substituted the collective inability to live alone with oneself.            Social deficiency with the forced refuge within the home and the fear of getting sick subject the brain to a challenging, new, unexpected stimulation. With this necessary cloister there is fear for our emotional balance and the difficulty which also has the reason to manage an unknown and insidious danger.                                                            The individual, finding himself in a new condition, tries to organize himself by putting in place a whole series of rational resources such as acceptance and solidarity by controlling nervousness, irritation and intolerance that at a deeper level in the brain can trigger egoistic and nostalgic impulses for how we lived before.                                  Anyway, the fear of contagion keeps us in alarm, activates the five senses, our doors open on the phenomenal sea, and perhaps makes us more aware and helps us_ being careful in any case not to lock ourselves further in our own self, still have a sense of community

HS What attitudes do you recommend to overcome these obstacles?
GM According to psychologists, this is an emergency other than a flood or an earthquake that have a limited time duration. We don’t know how long it will last and in what form and severity. There is a bit of a sense of helplessness as well as loneliness. (Because in many cases it is impossible to lend help or risk being infected).

It is important to feel collectively even if you live alone: the rallies on the balconies with flash mobs, the torchlight procession with mobile phones, the gestures of altruism and solidarity with the neighbors. They are spontaneous actions that speak of the desire to share difficult moments and make them more bearable. And within narrow spaces and long times of our house, unusual for many, we must check the so-called “bunker effect”. It is important to get your own physical space and dedicate yourself to the things you like, that don’t find space in the frenzy of the days, a wonderful free time to write, maybe a diary, to get to know each other better, draw, fantasize, read the books stacked on the bedside table and never open, listen to music, follow favorite TV programs, especially art and culture, exercise, train patience and socialize via the internet via social networks, become more true and authentic in fundamental affective relationships.

HS I am convinced that the universal solution is that Beauty will save the World _what about you?
GM BEAUTY is true, is an extraordinary resource for humanity. Neuroscientists have documented that the brain dedicates specific ways and centers for beauty since the aesthetic sense with its gestaltic grids has served survival by giving order, harmony and meaning to our perceptions by creating knowledge (kosmos) and opposing the chaos that the brain does not love.
According to the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, beauty is a meta-emotion, that is to say a feeling with a content of symbolic, conceptual thought and an emotional experience of pleasure. Even and especially in these times, beauty must be pursued _Women must continue to cultivate their femininity, make up themselves, change clothes, perfume themselves. There is no doubt that a good fragrance elevates, is an index of elegance, increases charm and attractiveness as well described by cultural anthropology.

HS What power does a perfume mean, how does our brain react when it is sprayed
GM We know that the SMELL is not a substitute for sight and hearing (the so-called noble senses according to Kant). It has an extraordinary importance in our social interactions and is the greatest ally of memories. Inside the brain it has an emotional journey and more powerful emotional and direct than in the cognitive process. The scents activate the endocrine system and the release of endorphins circuit and secretion of catecholamines by influencing the balance Spico-physical.

HS For years, during my multisensory performances such as the Olfactory Restaurant, I have collected various testimonials but all have an element that unites them, that is, people always cry only When I spray them with a perfume that brings them back to childhood, why?

GM We know that the scents and flavors that are experienced between 6 and 10 years of age are indelible especially if they are connected to EMOTIONS and important affections. The tenacity of the olfactory memories and the emotional charge that accompanies them explain the literary fortune of the sense of smell and smells celebrated by writers such as G. Flaubert, O. Wilde, G. D’Annunzio and above all M. Proust.                                           Baudelaire said: “this is the olfactory memory, you smell and see a memory”.

HS What is the smell that should have the ideal perfume to be calm here and now?
GM The ideal perfume today could make use of some essences that would have virtuous effects such as:
1 jasmine (anxiolytic, gives well-being by driving away fear and depression).
2 citrus notes (they are antiseptic, relieve stress and awaken energy)
3 tuberose (controls emotion)
4 the scent of vanilla (relieves tensions and is reassuring like child’s sweets)
5 scents of flowers and the smell of the forest (which convey relaxation and optimism)
6 apple, cucumber (make you perceive more space, that is, bigger room)
7 lavender (gives a sense of relaxation)
8 talc ( makes us feel protected)
9 mint _limon_bergamot( sharpens attention)

HS well now I understand why the success of some of my perfumes such as Crema di Latte, IO,Il tempo delle Mele, Luce, Boschissimo, Sweet Home, Orgasmo with Jasmine,Stelle di Ghiaccio, Peccatrice, but above all Il tuo Tulipano Rosso that looks randomly and we didn’t agree, it contains everything you listed! ahh

The perfume contains alcohol considered excellent sanitizer, would you recommend it?
GM The idea of the perfume that contains alcohol and therefore with a sanitizing action is interesting but i am unable to determine its effectiveness. (HS Anyway, I would like to report that few days ago on state TV Valerio Rossi Albertini ,physicist from CNR, affirmed the sanitizing validity of alcohol also even the foodgrade one at 95 ° which is found in supermarkets, advising to spray it on the used surgical masks given the difficulty finding them.) Sorry for the interruption.

GM There is the interesting historical note that when they went to visit plague sufferers in the late Middle Ages and in the first Modern Era, doctors tied on the nose sachets filled with fragrant essences and aromas in order not to be infected.

HS I always look for the good in the bad, the good in the bad and I’m tired of hearing that the virus is powerful even if invisible … the scent is invisible therefore powerful because it makes us rediscover beauty

GM With this closure at home we are forced to measure ourselves with our thoughts and look at it with greater objectivity, to show courage. We must realize the smallness of that mountain of appearance and self-centeredness that we have built.

The INVISIBLE tells us S.Avallone, it is much more powerful.
What we are is not seen, what we feel is not seen: emotions, thoughts, secrets, desires, passions, the SOUL. Even the perfume, invisible, can virtuously emphasize this profound intimacy that we must rediscover and that B. Pascal also hoped for, because knowing how to be alone helps to feel good also with others.

HS Dr Marchesi Are you a psychiatrist who allows me to spread my slogan?

Let’s perfume the world _We_Our HOUSES and Beauty will reign

 GM Yes, let’s  perfume our homes and we hope that this arrest of time will lead to a new and bright Renaissance. We will return to embrace each other and live a different and more virtuous humanity.

Here is the scent felt in this contingency could reinforce the memory of the suffering we are experiencing and prevent its oblivion that could frustrate the opportunity for change offered by the crisis.
So you too who are an artist of the five senses and above all a Master Perfumer must feel involved in the future asceticism.