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With Acquiilssssima, Hilde Soliani translates haute cuisine into haute parfumerie. Inspired by a dish created by an Italian chef, the scent blends the salty, mineral, fresh aroma of the sea with green tea and jasmine. Those wary of aquatic scents need not be afraid. The saline, subtly, strangely animalic, seaweedy-green smell of the sea is unmistakable here, but it does not lend the composition that aggressively fresh quality so typical of marine fragrances. The pairing of this verdant saltiness and sweet jasmine petals is unexpected, striking and truly sublime. The watery and the floral aspects of the blend are tied together with a green tea note, which possesses qualities of the both, and which lends Acquiilssssima delicate its translucency and a calm, airy feel. A chef-d’oeuvre!

Acquiilssssima Notes
seaweed, jasmine, green tea


100ml Eau de Parfum by Hilde Soliani


acquissima edp new 30 ml size

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