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Another Soliani gourmand inspired by passion for fine food and the art of good living. The notion behind CiocoRosissimo could easily appear in a psychedelic verse by Oscar Wilde. Dewy Damascus rose petals picked at dawn are gently dusted with soft Indonesian cocoa. The velvety feel of soft rose petals on the tongue palpable as the hunger inspiring aroma of sweet cocoa marry your senses of smell and taste, leaving you satisfied but never full. The drydown creeps from chocolaty confection to supple rose, where it slowly continues to warm the soul.

CiocoRosissimo Notes
Damascus rose, fresh grass, vanilla, bulgarian rose, chocolate, wood, English rose.


100ml Eau de Parfum by Hilde Soliani


Ciocorosisssimo edp 10ml Plasticon travel_friendly natural spray

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ciocorosissimo edp new 30 ml size

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