Doolciiisssimo is Hilde Soliani’s gift to all fellow lovers of all things sweet, to those of us who look forward to a dessert menu more than to any other part of a meal. Inspired by a recipe found at one of the trendiest restaurants in Milan, Doolciiisssimo is a tantalizingly delicious custard cream with cherry flavored leaves of pipe tobacco. Imagine eating the lightest and the creamiest dessert imaginable, imagine that delicately sugary melting taste…pair that with the smoke from cherry nargile…and now you know why we can’t get enough of Doolciiisssimo. Men and those women who usually shy away from gourmand scents must try this unusual creation. Its resinous darkness and its earthy smokiness keep the honeyed notes in check and make Doolciiisssimo an entirely unisex blend.

Doolciiisssimo Notes
vanilla, cherry tobacco, patchouli


100ml Eau de Parfum by Hilde Soliani


Dolcissimo edp 10ml Plasticon travel_friendly natural spray

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doolcissimo edp new 3o ml size

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